Window Treatments: Which Ones Are The Best For Your Home?

Window Treaments for the Home

Are you trying to find an affordable way to breathe fresh life into the look of your home? We recommend you replace your current window treatments with new ones. Do you want your business to attract customers upon sight? You can do it with window treatments. That is, you can do it with St. Louis custom window treatments by Proctor Drapery. Custom window treatments created by Proctor Drapery are a great way to enhance the look and feel of any room in your home. They can also be effective at making your business look and feel inviting.

Window Treatments

Custom Window Treatments Proctor Drapery is the premier custom window treatment company in St. Louis, providing the highest level of customer service and top-quality products. Along with offering a complete line of window treatments, Proctor Drapery also offers one-on-one consultation to ensure that your vision is completely fulfilled. Custom window treatments offer more than just the style and functionality you expect from window treatments. They can also enhance the interior look and feel of your home. Oftentimes, custom window treatments can be designed to complement, but sometimes they can be used to create the exact look you are looking for. What’s more, you can achieve a completely personalized look with window treatments.

Why You Should Get Window Treatments

Consider these benefits from our clients: Do You Want to Add A New Trend? Let us use a television show as an example. There is a program that’s extremely popular called “Dirty Jobs.” If you haven’t seen this show, the story is that Mike Rowe, who portrays the character of Mike Rowe, is an incredibly skilled hand-tentacle weaver. He uses his left hand to do the sewing and work that is typically done with the right hand. So what Mike does to get the best work is get up in the middle of the night, thread himself into the sewing machine, and then sew with his other hand. So what is the benefit of getting St. Louis window treatments? Proctor Drapery specializes in providing beautiful custom window treatments that can help you transform your home.

The Different Types of Window Treatments

With our firm, you can find window treatments you love and which will match your home and your unique style. That is, we offer a selection of boutique window treatment designers who offer something for everyone. We also offer premium quality curtains and soft goods that can look great and last a long time. There are three different types of window treatments, depending on the type of design you are going for. These can be explained by the categories below. Illumination. Light-colored or subtle curtains or blinds that provide plenty of natural light for use throughout the day. These products also work great for reading and sleeping. A particularly strong option for high traffic areas. Enhance.

How To Decorate With Window Treatments

Let’s start with the fact that window treatments are the finishing touch for any room. But more importantly, they can elevate and decorate any room. When you think about it, these are the only accessories in a house that can come in and change the look of the whole room. A lot of homeowners want to let their personalities shine through in their homes, but often that means they have to deal with decorators who choose the wrong colors, fabrics, and overall look. Instead of living in chaos and regret, you can find out how you can get the look that fits your own home.

What To Consider When Buying Window Treatments

We have a unique approach to buying window treatments. We approach it from a customer’s point of view, not a product’s point of view. That means we have little understanding of the type of window coverings you are considering, but a good understanding of how those products can make your home and business look and feel great. There are a few things to consider when buying window treatments. We advise you to consider the following: What type of window coverings are you hoping to install? We can provide you with a catalog and a staff member to help you with your selections. Your budget. When buying window treatments, you need to think about your lifestyle. When a company gives you an idea of the cost you can expect to pay for window coverings, that is called “pricing.


Proctor Drapery uses the highest quality of materials available. This includes velvet, luan, fabric, non-slip polyurethane, magnetic, and stain resistant materials. Flexibility Proctor Drapery custom window treatments are always made to fit your personal home space and style. Versatility Proctor Drapery window treatments have the ability to be installed in a variety of different ways. Pricing Proctor Drapery prices their custom window treatments around the country. There are no “magic” pricing formulas, so you don’t need to just settle for a price that makes you feel like you got ripped off. You can even negotiate. First class design and craftsmanship Proctor Drapery crafts custom window treatments by hand.


A window treatment for a large window can look really nice but it can also hide the view. You can use faux frames or a custom crafted piece to cover up the windows and draw more attention to your beautiful home. Hinge A locking hinge can help keep your window treatments from falling and can be particularly useful if you have a large or difficult-to-access window. This feature is also helpful if you have dogs, children or teenagers. Attachments Attachments can help you finish up jobs quickly and easily. If you are having the frame or glazing work done professionally by someone who knows how to work with them, you should have some accessories to go with your window treatment to complete the look.


maintained an impeccable sense of style and decor. So, don’t settle for the cheap window treatments that you may have come across. Instead, see for yourself how you can create a custom window treatment that reflects your style and will create an atmosphere of relaxation for your customers. Spacious, Modern and Green Do you have a big window in your home or a new store location that you need to decorate? If you do, then custom window treatments from Proctor Drapery will definitely turn your eye-catching windows into a stylish showcase. Whether you choose a fashionable design or simple shades, you will never run out of color options and designs to choose from. It is a breeze to find the perfect shades for your window or the right lighting to help you bring the curtains together.


So the main purpose of this article is to help you find the perfect treatment for your business. We recommend you check with your local handyman to see if they can provide you with some information on how to save money and boost the productivity of your business. In the meantime, here are some of the best window treatments available in the St. Louis area. Know more about the best window treatments in St. Louis.