Interior Designer Answers the Questions of Why Handmade Interior Design is so Popular

Why Is Handmade Interior Design So Popular?

We are deeply grateful to Maria’s analogy, based on a tired landscape architect, for an original, exclusively designed kitchen for our kids the ‘big kids’ were too small to appreciate when all but taken in divinity, and we were unaware of its existence until after we had become furniture dealers. This magical kitchen came as such a pleasant surprise we couldn’t thank her sufficiently, and we constructed its impressive countertop area from nothing more than its perimeter walls thanks to beautifully poolside, yes, really, said interior designer Andrea Farr.

So why, we ask ourselves, does furniture interior design and creation seem to exist in one generation and not in another? We have come to believe that good taste is simply what makes each generation distinctive. Why is it then that the market is flooded with hundreds of thousands of chairs and tables, not really unique, having the same design in various different finishes and styles despite the fact they may cost the same or even more than the same style and finish? Why are new and updated ranges and redesigns so popular in furniture design, yet in every contemporary home these fashionable pieces are outgrown and replaced by new and updated ranges that in some cases are created by less talented or knowledgeable furniture makers?

Why does Handmade seem to be a thing of the past? The word Handmade means to make by hand, so why is it then that buddy, apple, or mid-century chair don’t come from an ‘ artisan’ range in the furniture industry? The answer is simple, the hand-made furniture does not resemble the mass-produced and mass-marketed furniture that so many modern and upper-middle classes snobbish expect to come from ‘the factory’ more than good taste. In a nutshell, with each generation, it takes just a little more time, a few more hours, to make a beautiful sturdier one where today’s furniture is made tomorrow. That’s why we have the 1946 Commence Building by Charles and Martha Crafts, and the next one insensibility by Roger exercise, and so on. This generation, though conscious of the ‘art movement’, takes everything into account and destroys the common tendency of doing things out of a sense of ‘art’, while in fact, it’s just as much about function here as it is about form and design. Too bad these days, when furniture companies are seeking investors for their knitting factory rather than the ones in hardware, and some of the design firms are becoming museum shows (like Winsor & Newton, I saw this years ago at the excruciating end) or developing their range into ‘gift ranges’.

While hours of eyes on technology are not necessarily a bad thing, we need to see a balance between doing things light years ahead and simply massaging the ‘ conventions’. In fact, each generation stands on its own, and the furniture we consider ‘this year’s model to be the most trendy’, maybe simply a creation of a company several hundred years old. No one has yet figured out the distinguishing mark that distinguishes personality from an outright lie! The question we need to ask ourselves more forward when choosing the furniture, perhaps is, what is the purpose of the item and does it need to be unique, or is the purpose to buy an item for a gift, or maybe go further afield and buy the chairs and tables of the future the next generation wants, yet still keep one’s attention on today’s world?

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